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Automate life science labs in minutes instead of days

The UniteWay for lab automation

Connect devices to the network.

Show devices to the robot.

Ready to design protocols !

The UniteSoftware principles


You can add, move and remove any supported device on the UniteLabs platform in minutes. You can change it according to your research needs and it allows you to build an automation setup ad hoc. When your project is finished, just use the platform to automate your next experiment.


Anybody can learn to use UniteLabs platform in a working day. You don’t need to know programming to use UniteLabs because our user interface has been designed ground up for biologist without programming expertise. We think automation should be intuitive, not tricky or frustrating.


UniteLabs platform is built on an open source core and the capabilities and supported devices will expand over time. This also means that it is possible to reuse the components on other software solutions built on the same core. No strings attached. Modify, contribute and change software as you wish.

The UniteLabs team


ETH MSc Biotechnology

Computer visionSalesWeb application development

Oskari is truly a jack of all trades. His background spans from synthetic biology and biotechnology to mathematics, computational science and bioinformatics. He's well versed backend and front end developer with experience as a founding member of two previous startups in Finland.


ETH MSc Mechanical Engineering

RoboticsOperationsInternet of instruments

Max loves to combine latest technologies with business opportunities. With his diverse background in management and robotics, he automated tasks in various industries and countries. He also worked on cutting edge drone technologies both in academia and industry.

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